Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ollie's Stress Free and Electrical Shed

A fitting follow-up to my most recent entry would be to introduce you all to Ollie's Stress Free and Electrical Shed. Inspired by Ivan's Stress Free Bar in the Virgin Islands, a member of the Picton Castle crew converted the ship's electrical shed on the wharf into a cosy and inspired gathering place for the crew to mingle and de-stress. It's grand-opening coincided very well with my little 'breakdown' (using that word would be an exaggeration, yet my thesaurus offers nothing much better than 'go kaput'), and I've been spending many-a-night in its warm embrace.

I feel like I'm finally able to cross some major items off my master list of preparations. Fuel filters, mast boots, jib boom, life rings and lights (though no life raft as of yet!) , varnish, paint, distilled water, kerosene... the list seemed endless but the end is now in sight. Jill at the sail loft repaired an old sail my shipwright Mike G had donated, and now I have a small storm sail I can raise, should I find myself out in the weather I plan to avoid.

Meanwhile Effie is settling in quite well. She has been seasick only once, and despite being rather clumsy, she's managed to stay out of the water. I picked up a little harness for her the other day, and when we're at sea, she's going to wear it, whether she likes it or not.

My intention is to leave Lunenburg for the Yarmouth area when I have a weather window providing me with 2 days of moderate to strong northwesterly winds, which will rush me right down the coast, in the lee of the land, so very little seas. If all goes well, it will be Monday at the latest. So the last remaining question... where is my crew?