Saturday, October 6, 2007

Letter to the Editor

I've been keeping myself too busy lately to spend much time in Historic Grounds updating this blog or keeping up on my email. Really my only incentive is the harassment I receive from my Editor, David in Edinburgh, who lets me know when it's been too long.
I spent most of today sorting through the paper charts I've been loaned and determining which ones I still need to find. I've been working on my rig (masts and stuff, David), mousing shackles (wrapping wires through the pins so they don't fall out, should they become loose, David) , and finally put a new iron out on the bowsprit (the boat's nose, David) for placement of a wire stay on which I will put a smaller, more manageable jib (a sail up at the front, David). I even found time to make it to Bridgewater to buy some necessities, such as kerosene and methyl hydrate for my stove and cabin heater, wicks for my lantern, and some great second-hand summer clothes from Frenchy's (a Canadian organization, David). One purchase which I am especially excited about is a 6.5 watt flexible folding solar panel for charging my house batteries! Was on sale for 30% off at Canadian Tire (a Canadian disorganization, better known as Crappy Tire, David). This pleased the Scot in me, and probably David too (though you won't fully appreciate it until you meet me in Cuba and I have the capacity to refrigerate the beer). You are bringing beer, right?