Friday, October 19, 2007

Letter From the Editor

I enjoyed this, thought a few of you out there would too.

"What are "mast boots", "life rings" and a "storm sail"? I can guess at two latter ones. "life rings" are round mettalic things screwed into the side of the boat to which you attach a rope and yourself and a "storm sail" is a large peice of canvas which goes right over the top of the boat so that you can shelter from the elements in your wee cabin while outside the storm rages (Count me out of that little treat). Am I right with these ideas? But mast boots??? My guess would be a little silly. A mast has only one leg, so why would it need more than one boot, unless you need different boots for different events/occasions eg if a mast was marrying another mast, it might like to wear a white boot or it might have a fancy boot for entering a marina and a plainer, more work-a-day boot for normal sailing duties. I warned you things might go a bit silly but I would like to know what these boots are. "

A mast boot (I have 2 masts, therefore 2 boots) goes around the mast where the mast goes through the deck, then gets painted, to prevent water from going down below. Yes, this is something I've only just gotten around to, so everytime it rained since I put my masts in back in May, things would get a little damp!