Sunday, February 14, 2016


Flying over Flamingo
It seems to be human nature to cling to what appear to be well-shaped stories. Whether it be a series of circumstances which put us in a situation we never would have otherwise found ourselves in, or a romance where coincidence seems to make certain implications, it is sometimes tempting to believe that in one way or another, it is meant to be.

But when a character falls short of their role, or an unexpected piano drops from a 4th-storey window, we can be left feeling empty by failing to find ourselves in a movie-script ending.

As wondrous and mysterious life is, it is also random. Just because you’ve been through the wringer doesn’t necessarily mean something good is on its way.  And if things are really quite good, there’s no reason to live in fear that something bad is about to happen.  It probably just means that you have a good outlook on things, and you are approaching life with the right attitude.

If your narrative until now has made for a good story, it isn’t an indication of where you are supposed to go. It is simply where you’ve been, and is as impermanent as life itself, only shorter. 

By letting go, an entirely different story, perhaps much better, has the potential to be written.