Monday, July 27, 2015

Dreams For Sale

As is often the problem with cramming so much life into a few very short weeks, I struggle to know where to begin telling the story of my life since escaping Miami.  I could start at Day One, just a few hours north of Miami, when Dania Beach Blvd Bridge almost crushed my boat. Or I could start on the day in Pompano when I met another single-hander with whom I'd share some of my Bahamian journey. The conching, snorkeling, the dinners aboard with new friends...  it has been anything but contemplative time, until a couple of days ago, when my buddy-boater cast off his lines one final time to return to Florida.

I am not far behind, having recently accepted a job back in the States. Soon, the Bahamas will be just a memory, and a great memory at that; a perfect final cruise aboard Annie Laurie.  The push is on now to get her sold. Please share, friends: Annie Laurie For Sale

Next post, I will share the story of the drawbridge, and I think I'll call it Irony.