Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Only Certainty is Uncertainty

It's been a busy week, September Classic boat race, impromptu ceilidhs, rig changes, old friends appearing out-of-the-blue. With everything that has been going on, I still feel like I've managed to make leaps and bounds in the progress of the trips planning.

I met a new friend the other day named Don, and when he heard of my upcoming trip, he offered to loan me a series of charts that had come with the boat he recently purchased. They cover everywhere from Panama through the Florida Keys, including, most importantly, a few of Cuba. Charts are a huge expense for any cruiser; the cost which can inhibit any sailor from making an economical voyage. I have to thank Chris D. again for the east coast charts he donated to my cause over a year ago, at which point owning my own boat was but a theory! He was familiar with all the difficulties and hurdles I had to overcome, but he reassured me everything was going to work out fine and Annie Laurie would soon be a reality.

I recall a discussion of ours where we agreed that the things that defeat us now, that seem to be conspiring against us, won't even come into play when the time comes for that dream to come true. They will be nothing but a distant memory, if in fact they can even be recalled at all.

It's helpful to remember conversations with friends like him when I hit these (now expected) roadblocks. I learned on Saturday that my only crew (well, except Effie, my new kitten) will be unable to make the journey. We all have a road to follow and our own opportunities to pursue, and I wish Tom all the best. I hope he finds the time to at least pay me a visit sometime this winter. Good luck Tom (FRIENDS!)

I've found with many situations in life, you can plan all you like and worry all you want, but things will never turn out as expected. Your life may take an unanticipated twist, but if you keep positive and let things flow, you will find the reason for what initially seems like a great difficulty.

It's not really THAT crazy to think about going to Cuba alone, is it?