Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Ode to Annie Laurie

What began this morning as an intention to write a full update of the many events since my last blog, has ended this evening with a delving into the memories of the last ten years.

I wish I could say that my lack of writing is due to lack of time, or lack of inspiration, but neither would be true. When I discover what is resulting in months between blogs, I'll let you know.

Life has nevertheless been busy enough in recent months.  I am now boatless, for the first time since beginning this blog in 2007.  Yes, I experienced the third happiest day that can happen in a boat owners life: the day you sell the boat for the second time. Annie Laurie is now in the hands of a couple of ambitious young women in Maine, ready for a new life in the Midcoast. Letting go the second time was much easier, but still bittersweet. While a sailboat can sometimes provide the ultimate freedom, with my new direction in life as an aviator, she had became a hindrance. I know she's in good hands now, and I wish the new owners as many years of happy sailing and adventures as I was able to have. 

Below are some memories, placed in no particular order, except the final shot. Full update coming in the next couple of days.
Cuba 2008

Lunenburg 2007

Bound for Second Peninsula 2007

Carving her nameboard at the Dory Shop, rainy week March 2007

New crewmate, Effie. Lunenburg 2007

Lunenburg 2007

September Classic, Lunenburg 2007

Lunenburg, Cuba departure imminent, October 2007

P-Town, Cape Cod, November 2007
Dean's dock, Eastern Points 2006

The one and only Ed Sturgeon

Block Island, November 2007

Cold morning approaching Block Island, November 2007

Ben and I, Great Bridge Lock 2007
Tide's out at Westergard's, southern Nova Scotia, 2007

Southbound in the Carolinas, 2007

First winter living aboard, Dartmouth 2006

Christmas in St Augustine 2007

Sister Katie, Miami, January 2008

Hawkes Channel, Florida Keys, January 2008

Early morning crossing, Key West to Cuba, February 2008

Good thing I was home today


At anchor, somewhere in Cuba 2008

Somebody had to steer us from Mexico to Key West

Carving homeport, Isla Mujeres, Mexico, 2008

Katie and Wyatt, first coastal sail 2006


Haulout in Florida Keys, 2008

Florida Keys, July 2008

No Name Harbor, Miami, July 2008

One of Effie's Key West love children, born en route to Alaska, Aug 2008

Effie worried about Mom

Exumas, I think, 2009

Creative time in the Bahamas, 2009

Highbourne Cay, Bahamas, 2009
Somewhere in the Abacos

Tongue of the Ocean, Bahamas, before the waterspouts, May 2009

Effie thinking she may need to cut back

Skimming the sand, east of Cat Cay, Bahamas, May 2009

Dad in his element (who knew?) Effie still minding the compass, July 2009

Dad and Effie, watching the ICW go by, July 2009

Dad at the Great Bridge Lock, Virginia

Another beautiful sunset at sea. Or sunrise.

Gloucester, Massachusetts, Autumn 2010

Allans Cay, Bahamas, 2009

North Coast of Cuba, 2008

Southbound Jersey Coast, 2010

Hells Gate, East River, 2010

12th Ave Bridge, Miami River, 2013

Happily divorced, South Fork Miami River, 2014

West Palm Beach, June 2015, with Daniel aboard Conchflyer
Motoring up the ICW, Florida to Maine voyage, spring 2016

Arrival in Camden, Maine after trip from Ft Lauderdale, June 2016

Scituate, Massachusetts. The calm after the storm that broke my hand. Autumn 2010
Belfast, Maine June 2016
Rowing Effie away from Annie Laurie for the last time, Camden October 2016
My last photo of Annie Laurie, Rockland, Maine, Spring 2017