Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hasta La Vista, Miami!

I am taking off this week to my second favourite city in North America: Charleston, South Carolina! A schooner awaits...

We are bound for Lunenburg, Nova Scotia early next week. We are scheduled to arrive just in time for Tall Ships Halifax 2012.  Impeccable timing!  

If you are in Halifax for the ships and festivities, look for me aboard Schooner Sorca at Alderney Landing.  I will be selling copies of Written In Water, with proceeds supporting the youth sail training program of Think Sail Inc.  I look forward to seeing you there!

I will be posting photos of my journey on my Facebook Page, so for updates on my current whereabouts,  head on over and 'Like' my page.

While away, I will miss certain aspects of my daily life on the River...  Scotty's tail slaps, Ella's wet willies, the look on Jack's face when he presents me with another "gift" of the rodent variety, Effie's looks of ecstasy following a catnip binge, and Ocho's suppertime entertainment as she demonstrates how she earned her nickname, The Shovel

Am I forgetting anyone?  

Oh, right. There is this one guy...