Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm Back

Well I couldn't call the blog quits with an ending like that now, could I?

A little over a year ago, another trip down the East Coast was in order, as things didn't exactly go as planned with selling Annie Laurie. Without my heroes, Katie (my sister) and Super Dave (a past captain of mine), I cringe to think of the situation Annie Laurie would have fallen into, as I was unable to leave the States at the time to deal with things and to bring her across the border.

With Annie Laurie safely in Gloucester, Massachusetts, after a brutally Baltic and rough passage from Lunenburg (I wasn't there this time around, but I have certainly been there before and know the suffering!), I prepared to head south alone. A couple of friends, Eric and Alexa, were to meet me in Horseshoe Bay (just outside New York City) in a weeks time, so a series of solo day-sails lay before me.

One storm and one crushed finger later, I was on a mooring in the inner harbor of Scituate, MA. And thus commenced a week of what Alexa has coined the Scituate Situation, and they changed their flights to meet me there.

It was during the Scituate Situation that I also became acquainted with Christopher Robin, who would become Annie Laurie's best friend in the coming weeks. See below for some video taken of Annie Laurie off the coast of New Jersey.

Stay tuned...