Friday, December 28, 2007

Living the Dream

The other night, I returned to the boat to spend my first night alone since leaving Lunenburg. Justine is now home in Canada, and I've determined not everything in my experiences is meant for the blog.

I found it hard to be in St Augustine for Christmas. I was supposed to be in Cuba by now, after all. I'm trying, I really am, to at least appreciate the fact that I'm in warmer climates. This time last year there was an inch of ice on the hull as she lay dockside in Dartmouth. That was a miserable existence. I really do have something to be thankful for.

I again recall that first night, sitting on deck alone as Ed and Logan slept below, as I watched the last corner of Nova Scotia disappear into the darkness and the Cape Sable Island light fade into the horizon. I remember that feeling of, "I'm really doing it! My journey has begun!". As I sit feeling trapped in the St Augustine anchorage, unable to get further south on my own, I no longer spend the hours planning the next jump. My thoughts now turn inward on my reasons for doing this trip at all, why I make certain choices, and why I react the way I do and make decisions I regret. I've always believed in there being a reason for everything, but I have the feeling that the reason for my current situation will be a long time presenting itself. I feel it's more accurate to say now that my journey didn't really begin until I found myself here alone.

I'm putting the word out to any experienced sailors interested in sailing at least to Key West, and perhaps to Cuba. Mans or womans. If mans, please apply with photo.