Saturday, November 24, 2007

Justine Sturgeon, First Mate

Born under the watery gaze of a Piscean moon and raised on the fertile sea bed of the Annapolis Valley, stolen back from the mighty Atlantic tides of Minas. Daughter of the sun and goddess of the earth, her patient touch enchants verdant life to thrust their fruits skyward. Harvested and prepared with the skill of a matron and the joy of a maid, she offers these gifts freely to all who hunger. As seasons pass, though her strong hands still work the soil, her eyes gaze upward, across her halcyon valley and its Blomidon embrace, up, up, and off across the horizon of infinite possibility. And hark, her brother holds a beacon aloft his hirsute and powerful arm--an invitation.
A devoted daughter, a faithful friend, a true heart, she bundles up the warm light of home and family--a beacon of her own, an invitation of happiness and love to her new, ocean-bound home.
Though it may be a viking warrior's cold icy grip that thrusts the Annie Laurie into the wild Atlantic seas, it will be the heart of this warm mountain maiden that brings her crew safe to shore.